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Hélène Grimaud

Hélène Grimaud is a remarkable figure in the realm of classical music, renowned for her unparalleled virtuosity and captivating performances as a pianist. Beyond her exceptional musical talent, Grimaud’s life is marked by her unwavering dedication to animal welfare. In addition to her musical pursuits, she has also ventured into literature, successfully publishing several books that delve into her profound insights and experiences as a musician and advocate for the natural world. Grimaud’s multifaceted career and her unwavering commitment to both artistry and compassion have firmly established her as a cherished and influential figure in contemporary classical music.

Our longstanding collaboration with Hélène, her partner, the acclaimed German photographer Mat Hennek (who is also a client), Deutsche Grammophon, and their management agency, Keynote Artist Management in London, UK, has now entered its second decade. Throughout this time, we have provided a comprehensive array of marketing communications services, both online and offline, as well as dedicated years of support to the Wolf Conservation Center, an organization founded by Hélène in Upstate New York back in 1999.

  • Client

    Hélène Grimaud, Deutsche Grammophon

  • Timeline

    2012 - present

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    Full Service

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    Web Design, Development, Video Production, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Special Projects

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Our EPK work for Deutsche Grammophon: MEMORY (Direct, Camera, Edit, Production, Cover Design), WATER (Direct, Camera, Edit, Production), PERSPECTIVES (Edit, Animation)

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